What do I find a-maze-ing.2?

March 26, 2015


In 1983, Kazuo Nomura created an incredibly detailed maze, which he then rolled up and stored in the attic.  The maze had taken him 7 years to complete, working in the evenings after he came home from his job.  He worked not as a graphic designer, but as a janitor.

Two years ago his daughter found the maze.  She asked her father if he would consider drawing another one.  His answer was a concise, “no.”

However, late in 2014, Mr. Nomura began creating a new maze – this is what it looks like.



To read more about this story, or to find out where to purchase a print of the maze, go to Spoon and Tomago.

There is an interesting article about mazes and labyrinths at Smithsonian.com, which was written to accompany their “BIG Maze” exhibit that was on display last summer at the National Building Museum.

photo credit: Kevin Allen

What do I find a-maze-ing.1 is here.


Whose birthday am I celebrating on tattoo Tuesday?

March 24, 2015


Harry Houdini (Erik Weisz), whose reputation as a sensational and enduring illusionist and stunt performer persists to this day, was born on March 24, 1874.


In 2002 a U.S postage stamp honoring Harry Houdini was issued.  Under UV light, you can see Houdini wrapped in chains.  Under normal light, he escapes his bonds!

Stamp Information Credit: magictricks.com

Houdini’s image is a popular one among tattoo artists:




Why am I glad I was not invited to the 111th Explorers Club Dinner?

March 23, 2015

I have always wanted to attend.  I fantasized myself being an intrepid explorer such as Osa Johnson (I Married Adventure).

Osa ZebraI figured that kind of lifestyle would garner me an invitation to the Explorers Club where I could hobnob with people such as Sylvia Earle, Sir Edmund Hillary, and Robert Ballard.

This year, however, I am happy to give the dinner a pass.  The menu, always somewhat exotic in nature, this year featured an array of insects and other arthropods.

fried-tarantulaThese are fried tarantulas and the red powder is paprika.

Give me a good old steamed lobster any day.

There is more to the story here.

Photo credit: Megan Gannon/Live Science



What am I quilting?

March 21, 2015

Happy World Quilting Day!

Actually, I am between quilts right now.  My latest one is in a quilt show.  Here is a photo.

quilt 2015

My quilt from last year’s show, titled, “I Dream of Cranes,”  is shown below.I dream of Cranes

There is a nice overview of quilt traditions in different cultures in Wikipedia, here.

Quilting: the occupation where one spends a lot of money buying perfectly good fabric, then spends a lot of time cutting it up, only to sew it back together again.


What am I sappy goat blogging?

March 20, 2015

What am I celebrating on tattoo Tuesday?

March 17, 2015

dairy-queen-celebrates-75-years-free-cone--001The world’s first Dairy Queen opened in Joliet serving ice cream cones for five and 10 cents. (Dairy Queen)

Dairy Queen celebrated its 75th anniversary on March 16.

I thought I was late to the party, but it turns out that the celebration was early.  The first Dairy Queen shop opened in Illinois on June 22, 1940 – so we can look forward to more festivities.  The company, however, chose to note the occasion by giving out free ice cream cones at various locations on March 16.

dairy queenIf you are not near a Dairy Queen store – or if they are still closed for the winter – or if you feel like doing it yourself, check out BraveTart’s recipe for a copycat Dairy Queen Blizzard here.

The next question is, can I find a Dairy Queen tattoo?

Well, yes . . .




What am I celebrating?

March 14, 2015

It comes around once in a century . . .

photo 2

Happy Pi Day

3.141592653 etc.

Remember, Pi Fixes Everything


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