How do I celebrate the opening of the baseball season?

April 17, 2015

genki-sudo-pitchWith Genki Sudo and World Order on Spoon and Tamago.


What am I sappy porcupine blogging?

April 10, 2015


Lancelot , a North American Porcupine, is a recent addition to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s live animal program.  He is round and cute, but hardly cuddly.  And he drives a car!



Where was I last weekend?

April 7, 2015

loganberry logotorte-MThe wonderful Loganberry Book Store held their annual Edible Books Festival on Saturday, April 4, where edible portrayals of real books were displayed, voted on, and consumed.

Here are some of the entries:

DSC01776Call of the Wild – or perhaps Cauliflower of the Wild

DSC01777Harry Butter and the Sorcerer’s Scone

DSC01779Annika’s Secret Wish portrayed with a delicious rice pudding as told in the story.

DSC01785The Tell-Tale Heart

(That is a matzoh Haggadah in the background – how appropriate for the season)

DSC01781Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

With strawberry owls sitting on chocolate rice krispie nests.

Entry consumption began at 2 pm and was completed by about 2:15!


What am I sappy cat blogging?

April 4, 2015

photo (2)

This is Hobbes, backlit by early morning light.



It looks as if he has grabbed the brass ring.

Hobbes is one of the three super models I am privileged to live with.


What am I noting on tattoo Tuesday?

March 31, 2015

 eiffel4The Eiffel Tower opened 126 years ago today.

Have I mentioned that the Tower is one of my Favorite buildings?

DSC01715This photo is from my recent trip to Las Vegas.  We stayed at Paris Las Vegas.  The tower in this photo is half the size of the original.

Here is a nice story about Eiffel Tower history in the Christian Science Monitor.

It was also featured today on the Google search banner.126th-anniversary-of-the-public-opening-of-the-eiffel-tower-4812727050567680-hp

It is not a surprise that this beautiful, iconic image is also popular as a tattoo design:




 Paris is always a good idea.


What am I chewing on today?

March 30, 2015

pencil7Today is National Pencil Day.

I love colored pencils.  They are my favorite drawing tool.  Jennifer Maestre takes the medium in an entirely different direction, however,  with her amazing and fanciful sculptures created from colored pencils.








From nationalcalendarday.com:

Each year, March 30th is National Pencil Day.  Hymen Lipman received the first patent for attaching an eraser to the end of a pencil on this day in 1858.

The majority of pencils made in the United States are painted yellow.  It is believed that this tradition began in 1890 when the L & C Hardtmuth Company of Austria-Hungary introduced their Koh-I-Noor brand, named after the famous diamond.  This pencil was intended to be the world’s best and most expensive pencil.  Other companies then began to copy the yellow color so that their pencils would be associated with the high quality brand.

Notable pencil users (Wikipedia)

  • Thomas Edison had his pencils specially made by Eagle Pencil. Each pencil was three inches long, was thicker than standard pencils and had softer graphite than was normally available.
  • Vladimir Nabokov rewrote everything he had ever published, usually several times, by pencil.
  • John Steinbeck was an obsessive pencil user and is said to have used as many as 60 a day. His novel East of Eden took more than 300 pencils to write.
  • Vincent van Gogh used only Faber pencils as they were “superior to Carpenters pencils, a capital black and most agreeable”.
  • Johnny Carson regularly played with pencils at his Tonight Show desk. These pencils were specially made with erasers at both ends to avoid on-set accidents.
  • Roald Dahl used only pencils with yellow casing to write his books. He had 6 sharpened pencils ready at the beginning of each day and only when all 6 pencils became unusable did he resharpen them.

What am I sappy sea lion blogging?

March 27, 2015


You have probably seen this, but it is worth another look.  The pelicans are for you, Sweet Patootie!


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