What do I think is better than a FEMA trailer?

December 21, 2013


Just about anything would be better than a FEMA trailer, but look at this from Preservation Nation.  It is an article about Lustron pre-fabricated homes . . .

“They were literally building the American dream.

In the late 1940s, soldiers returning from World War II dreamed of the idyllic life: a happy family, a lovely suburban home. But the post-war period instead brought a housing crisis. In response, Lustron promised a dream house — signed, sealed, delivered.”

I think these homes are a wonderful example of mid-20th century style, design and ingenuity.  It’s like IKEA for the 50s.

“It has a sort of late ‘40s, ‘50s new modern America appeal,” says Megan Wood of the Ohio Historical Society. “And you don’t have to paint it, you can clean the walls with windex, and you can hang things with magnets.”

I think it is interesting that out of 3000 homes built, about 1500 still survive, including the one pictured above, that is in Indiana.

I think these houses are charming and it is unfortunate that dodgy financing forced the company into bankruptcy in 1950.

lustronfamilyJune, Ward and the Beev


  1. My family didn’t have a Lustron home but that furniture looks VERY familiar. 😉

    • In my imagination, the family got the whole lifestyle along with the house 🙂

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