What am knitting?

January 13, 2014

yarn great wall

This knitted Great Wall and other wonders of the world are part of the Craft and Hobby trade show going on in Anaheim, California.  This exhibit is sponsored by Lion Brand Yarn and was created by Nathan Vincent.  Below are other wonders of the world in the exhibit  I love the Great Wall on a landscape of crocheted granny squares (above), but also am tickled by the Easter Island fellow wearing an Irish fisherman’s sweater.

yarn easter island

yarn pisa

yarn sphinx

yarn taj mahal

yarn ziggurat

yarn stonehenge



  1. I may hurt myself laughing! The Irishman and the sphinx seem to be trying to be so serious. What fun! Now did you go there?

    • Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to travel to the show, but aren’t they clever?

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